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A Guide to Choosing Your New Roof in Woking

Choosing what kind of new roof to invest in may feel like a daunting task. To help prospective clients around Woking come to a decision, our roofers have jotted down the different pros and cons that pitched roofs and flat roofing systems afford. If you’re not interested in a new roof, and instead require roofing repairs, just give us a call on 07523 108 847.


Pitched New Roof Pros & Cons


Pitched Roof Advantages – One advantage that pitched roofs have over flat roofing systems is loft space. A loft can be turned into storage space, a bedroom, home office – whatever you fancy. Loft space is versatile and can immediately boost the value of a Woking property.


Another advantage is lifespan. Qualified and experienced roofers, like the ones at Kingfield Roofing Ltd, can construct an extremely durable and weather resistant pitched roof that lasts a lot longer than a flat roofing system.


Pitched Roof Disadvantages – The chief disadvantage of pitched roofs is their expense. They’re more complex than flat roofing systems, requiring more time and manpower to build, as well as more raw materials. Not all our Woking clients are willing to spend the kind of money that a pitched roof will set you back. Secondly, pitched roofs can also place stress upon a building’s foundations. Therefore, it is not a suitable option for certain types of project.


Flat Roofing Pros & Cons


Flat Roofing Advantages – If you’re working to a strict budget, a flat roofing system will likely be a better option than any other type of new roof. They’re designed to be distinctly affordable, without sacrificing quality. Another advantage, is that flat roofing repairs are relatively simple and straight forward. Our Woking based roofers can quickly deal with any issues that might arise with your new roof, which will come with a guarantee as standard.


Flat Roofing Disadvantages – Depending on the type of new roof you go for, lifespan can be a cause for concern. Felt flat roofing systems, for example, tend to last around 20 years. Fibreglass roofing systems last significantly longer, usually around 30 years. While this is a long time, especially considering how cheap they are, if you’re looking to invest in a roof that won’t have to be replaced in your lifetime, flat roofing might not be what you’re after.


Whichever type of new roof you go for, choose Kingfield Roofing Ltd to build it for you.