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Fast and Efficient Roofing Repairs for the Weybridge Area

One of the most common roofing repairs that Kingfield carries out is fixing leaking felt flat roofing systems. On this page we thought we’d run through how we go about this process. Keep in mind that, if your flat roof is old and keeps causing your problems, it may be time to invest in a new roof. But don’t worry, this needn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Call in our roofers near Weybridge, who can build a new flat or pitched roof for you that won’t break the bank.


Locating the Leak


Firstly we will find the source of the leak. Usually it’s a localised leak that’s the issue, but sometimes we’re called to situations in Weybridge where the entire surface of a flat roofing system is a mess – torn, ripped and split. In these cases, we will usually recommend that the entire system is replaced with a new roof.


Otherwise, we’ll search the area directly above the leak, looking for blisters, cracks, splits and overlapping material that may have become unbonded. If a leak is located adjacent to a wall, it’s usually the flashing that’s the problem. All of these issues are fairly common, so there’s no need to worry if we find them.


Fixing the Problem


Blisters – If we find blisters on your Weybridge property’s felt roofing system, you can breathe easy – it’s roofing repairs 101. Blisters are typically caused by air or moisture becoming trapped between a roof’s layers and gradually being heated by the sun. We’ll begin by carefully cleaning them. Then we’ll use a sharp knife to make two cross cuts across the blister. We’ll peel back the segments, dry the area underneath, patch it with a square of felt and some bitumen adhesive, before resealing the top layer.


Lifting Overlaps – When lifting overlaps are the culprit, the area underneath should be cleaned of dirt and water, then allowed to dry. Then the space is filled with bitumen adhesive and the overlap is weighed down. Depending on the extent of the problem, a repair patch may be employed to ensure the problem doesn’t repeat.


Splits & Tears – In the case of splits and tears, we’ll generally clean the space underneath the tear, fill it with bitumen adhesive, and press the felt down. Then we’ll cut a felt patch and secure it over the repaired split. Our roofers will take great care to ensure that the edges are well sealed.


Flashing – Another problem we commonly encounter while working around the Weybridge area, is damaged flashing. We’ll use adhesive repair tape to seal any area that has become compromised. This is often a temporary solution, but will be far cheaper and less hassle than having new flashing installed on your roof, or having an entire new roof built.


In Weybridge and still not sure what type of new roof you should invest in? Give us a call.