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New Roofs & Roofing Repairs for the Woking & Windsor Areas

On this page, we’ve looked to explain how we go about some of the services our Woking based roofers most commonly provide clients in and around Windsor, Weybridge and Cobham. If you have a question regarding our new roof construction, flat roofing systems, or perhaps require emergency roofing repairs, don’t hesitate to call us on 07523 108 847.


New Roof Construction


Traditional Roofing – Our roofers build traditional roofs for homeowners and companies around the Woking, Windsor, Weybridge and Cobham areas. A traditional roof is steeply pitched, usually at an angle exceeding 35°. Built out of timber, cladding and slate – traditional roofs look fantastic, but are more expensive than modern flat roofing systems.


Tile Roofing – We can also build tiled roofs using concrete or clay tiles. A tiled new roof offers a very distinct aesthetic, and certain advantages over competing forms of new roof. For example, well maintained tiled roofs are extremely durable and can last for over 100 years. This makes them a great long-term investment.


Fibreglass Roofing – Over the years, this type of flat roofing system has rocketed in popularity in Windsor, Weybridge, Cobham and Woking. Installing fibreglass flat roofing involves forming an edge trim around a roof’s perimeter, decking the roof, then pouring resin over it. This sets without the need for any type of heat application. Fibreglass flat roofing is more durable than felt flat roofing, and comes with a long-term guarantee as standard.


Liquid Plastic Roofing – Applied to an existing flat roofing system, liquid plastic roofing is essentially a highly-waterproof membrane that can last for up to 30-years. It’s a cost effective way of dealing with a problematic roof that would be inconvenient and expensive to tear down and rebuild. If you live around Windsor, Weybridge, Cobham or Woking and your roof has a habit of leaking, liquid plastic roofing could be the answer.


EPDM Roofing – This type of new roof employs a synthetic rubber membrane made from ethylene and propylene. EPDM flat roofing systems are incredibly durable and can last for over 50 years. They’re low maintenance and environmentally friendly; Greenpeace has named EPDM the most environmentally sustainable new roof material!

a picture of a roof being built
a picture of a roof thats been fitted by Kingfield Roofing Ltd

Roofing Repairs & Other Services


Roofing Repairs – Kingfield Roofing Ltd can quickly fix problems with your pitched or flat roofing. In emergency situations, we’re willing to carry out out-of-hours roofing repairs, so don’t hesitate to call our roofers even if you’re concerned it’s an unsociable hour.

Contact us immediately if you require any of the following roofing repairs in or around the Woking, Weybridge, Cobham or Windsor areas:


• Tile Replacement

• Roof Leak Repair

• Flat Roofing Repair

• Flashing Repair


uPVC Guttering, Fascias & Soffits – We can install and repair uPVC guttering, fascias and soffits. uPVC is a fantastic material that is low maintenance, durable and extremely affordable. Unlike wood fascias and soffits, uPVC isn’t prone to warping and rotting – making it a long-lasting and reliable choice for your roofline.


Lead Work, Chimney Repair & Re-Pointing – Kingfield Roofing Ltd also serves as the Windsor, Cobham, Weybridge, Woking and wider Surrey area’s go-to provider of chimney repairs, lead work and re-pointing. If your chimney or roof have seen better days, then give us a call. We can get your brickwork, flashing and chimney looking like it was installed just yesterday!


Have a question regarding our pitched and flat roofing services? Call 07523 108 847.